Monday, October 31, 2016

Bourgueil town

Our breaks are based in and around the market town of Bourgueil.  With a population of around 4000 this small town has narrow streets, beautiful stone buildings and plenty of cafés to relax in.  It is also where you'll find the local restaurants and supermarkets.  For such a small town, we are blessed with a great range of places to eat, from an excellent pizza and galette restaurant (save room for a crepe dessert) the wine bar/brasserie where you visit the cellar to choose your own wine, and a couple of high quality gourmet restaurants which won't break the bank. There are also 3 supermarkets if you prefer to cater for yourselves one -or more nights; maybe you'll concoct a 4 course feast, enjoy a barbecue, or grab some local cheese and wine and a crusty baguette and enjoy them in the garden of your accommodation.

Our breaks all include transport to and from Bourgueil for the restaurants and supermarkets, so you can enjoy the full range of what's on offer.  We also include a visit to the weekly market; the whole centre of town is pedestrianised and you can browse around 80 stalls - mostly food, but also clothes, hats, bags, shoes, kitchen tools....Why not pick up provisions for a picnic lunch, then enjoy a coffee at a pavement café and watch the world go by.